Fun in its purest form

Is the wind picking up and you can feel your adrenaline building? Are there already loads of windsurfers, kite surfers and wing foils out on the water? Your Tiwal 3R inflatable dinghy is waiting impatiently for you in its two bags. In just 25 minutes you will be out on the water too. What is on the agenda? Gliding, planing, and surfing. Just a maximum of fun, sensations, and plenty of oxygen!


A light and precise boat for
exceptional sensations

The Tiwal 3R is a supercharged dinghy that is easy to sail. It accelerates in the slightest breeze and has all the power you need to move to the next patch of air whilst maintaining your speed. It quickly gets up on the plane, and plays with all the elements, whether at sea or on the lake. At sea, it is a pleasure to be on your boat and ride the swell, descending the wave and accelerating in the surf. Breathe easy, it is euphoric.

The Tiwal 3R has excellent seaworthiness, even in heavier weather. It points well upwind and tacks in its own length. The boat combines lightness and responsiveness for an exceptional onboard experience. Have fun, you are in charge!


Performance and precision at your fingertips

The boat was designed by sailors, for sailors. It is mainly intended as a single-hander’s boat but can be used two-handed. It is resolutely strong in sensations. No need for top levels of physical fitness! The main controls are directly within reach when under way. The lines for the downhaul, cunningham and clew outhaul return to starboard and port to adjust the sail at any time and extend your glide through the water. Braided ropes with a Dyneema® core allow for ultra-precise adjustment as required. And because the boat is lightweight, any adjustments you make will be felt immediately. The vang also has a traveler that fits the boat’s structure and allows the sail to be eased out wide downwind.

The mainsheet runs through a stand-up block with a jammer for greater comfort. In the sail, a large monofilm window offers you a good field of vision for keeping a watch over your immediate environment on the water.

The extended wings on the back allow the sailor to position themselves optimally according to the wind strength and the boat’s heading. The dinghy gains in stability and performance, notably as when the wind increases.


The take-anywhere sport boat

You’ve got a boat in the trunk of your car. It’s magic! The Tiwal 3R is the take-anywhere sport boat. It’s super compact. It packs away into one bag for the frame, one bag for the hull, and a third bag for the sail. The sail can even be folded in half so it fits in a bag the same length as the boat bags. Whether you’re sailing for pleasure or competition, your dinghy will accompany you to all waters, everywhere. It’s a new way for you to enjoy the pleasures of sailing.


A sporty sailing dinghy in just 25 minutes

The boat is assembled in 25 minutes without tools*. The leads for each line are color coded for easy setting up of the rig. Disassembly happens even faster: in less than 20 minutes, you’ll have got your boat back in its bags. *just a batten trim key for adjusting the tension


Supercharged Features

The design of the Tiwal 3R is the result of intense collaboration between the Tiwal R&D team and our suppliers and super testers. The design choices make the Tiwal 3R a powerful and sporty boat, yet one that remains technically and physically accessible. The Tiwal 3R’s aluminum exoskeleton is specially designed and reinforced to withstand the high forces transmitted by the rig to the hull, even in strong conditions. The structure also allows the sailor’s weight to be shifted aft to increase the power of the boat as the wind picks up. As always in the spirit of our range, the challenge was obviously to offer a boat that can be assembled and disassembled quickly. The dinghy’s form and style are simple and sleek. The Tiwal 3R offers an unprecedented combination of supercharged fun and unmatched practicality for this type of boat.


High-tech design

The inflatable hull is constructed using fusion technology for rigidity close to that of a fiberglass hull but with the added advantage of lightness. This technology favors the use of structural assembly of the various layers of materials. The inflatable parts are welded together, meaning excellent durability over time and finally the hull is equipped with a right-angled rail on the aft section that ensures a good flow through the water and an overall optimal performance. The sail has been designed by our partners North Sails, specifically for the Tiwal 3R. Its tri-radial cut makes it a very efficient sail that allows for a great deal of finesse in trimming. It is made of Xi V2 laminated sailcloth, coming from competition sails. This is a soft, strong and lightweight material, offering excellent resistance to elongation. Its matte black color provides a non-reflective surface that makes it easier to quickly read the shape of the sail. It also has strong battens which are adjustable to adapt the power according to the wind conditions and to create a better airflow. The result is a very stiff sail with excellent shape retention. The rig is equipped with a 90% carbon mast and boom. This contributes to the dynamism of the boat. The daggerboard and rudder are made in light composite material which contribute to the overall rigidity of the boat alongsidethe rig. The rudder is an extended version to support the power of the rig.


  • Mast: carbon C90
  • 16′ 1” – 5 parts
  • Boom: carbon C90 - 2 parts
  • Structure: anodized aluminum
  • Hull length : 10’ 6”
  • Sail: North Sails (Xi V2 and monofilm)
  • Blocks: Harken & Ronstan
  • Rudder blade & daggerboard: Composite
  • material
  • Boat weight (empty): 121 lbs
  • Maximum load: 440 lbs
  • 2 adults or 1 adult + 2 kidsTiwal 3R sailing
  • dinghy onboard capacity
  • Maximum weight on wings:
  • 1 adult / 242 lbs
  • Draft : 2’ 5”
  • Hull bag: 4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 57 lbs
  • 2nd bag: 4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 68 lbs
  • Sail bag: 1′6″ × diam 8″ / 12 lbs


Sail in all weathers

A choice of 2 sails is available to suit all practices.
The first one, a 77 ft² “Light wind” sail is designed for winds of 8 to 15 knots maximum.
A second 67 ft² sail, the “Freeride” is more suited to stronger winds (upwards of 10 knots).


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